Philippine Banks

Top Private Domestic Universal Banks

BDO (Banco de Oro)

Ticker: BDO
Assets: Php 1.684 trillion
Deposits: Php 1.365 trillion
Rank*: 268


Ticker: MBT
Assets: Php 1.445 trillion
Deposits: Php 1.074 trillion
Rank: 314

Bank of the Philippine Islands

Ticker: BPI
Assets: Php 1.299 trillion
Deposits: Php 1.071 trillion
Rank: 382

Philippine National Bank

Ticker: PNB
Assets: Php 601 billion
Deposits: Php 437 billion
Rank: 506

Rizal Commercial Banking Corporation

Ticker: RCB
Assets: Php 427 billion
Deposits: Php 301 billion
Rank: 590

Security Bank

Ticker: SECB
Assets: Php 385 billion
Deposits: Php 218 billion
Rank: 680

China Bank

Ticker: CHIB
Assets: Php 457 billion
Deposits: Php 387 billion
Rank: 681

Union Bank of the Philippines

Ticker: UBP
Assets: Php 373 billion
Deposits: Php 297 billion
Rank: 751

* As ranked by The Banker in its Top 1000 Global Banks Ranking 2014

Other Private Domestic Universal Banks

Government Universal Banks

Branches of Foreign Banks Recognized as Universal Banks

Domestic and Foreign Financial Institutions with Banks, Branches, or Subsidiaries Recognized as Commercial Banks

For a more complete list see the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas.