Elpidio Quirino

Elpidio Quirino painting

Elpidio Rivera Quirino (November 16, 1890–February 29, 1956), Filipino politician, sixth president of the Philippines, second president of the Third Republic.

Vice-President: Fernando Lopez (December 30, 1949-December 30, 1953)
Political Parties: Liberal Party (1946-1953)
Nacionalista Party (1919-1946)
Positions: President of the Philippines (succession: April 17, 1948-December 30, 1949; election: December 30, 1949-December 30, 1953)
Vice-President of the Philippines (May 28, 1946-April 16, 1948)
Secretary of Foreign Affairs (Roxas administration)
Secretary of Finance (Quezon administration)
Secretary of the Interior (Quezon administration)
Senator (1925-1931), Private secretary to Senate President Quezon
Representative of the First District of Ilocos Sur, Philippine Assembly (1919-1925)
Other Positions: Member, Council of State (Magsaysay administration)
Delegate, 1935 Constitutional Convention