Bicol Express

Bicol express is the name given to a dish of sautéed pork in coconut milk and green finger chili peppers (siling pangsigang) inspired by the cuisine of the Bicol region. Many credit Cely Kalaw and her brother Demitrio of The Grove Luto ng Inay restaurant on M.H, del Pilar St. in Malate, Manila of creating and coining the name of the dish in the 1960s although it was based on a dish from the Bicol region. At The Grove the dish was initially meant as an addition or accompaniment to the restaurant's laing which is a similar dish but based on taro for those who wanted even more heat and a little meat. Others draw a connection to another Bicolano dish gulay na lada as a precursor or say Bicol express already existed under the more generic name ginataang baboy sa sili. The name Bicol express is taken from the train that used to pass by The Grove restaurant from the nearby Paco railway station heading to Bicol called the Bicol Express.