Mongolian Quick-Stop

Mongolian Quick-Stop is a Mongolian barbecue restaurant. Mongolian barbecue may be called Mongolian but it seems it is probably as Mongolian as Mr. Shooli. A link to Taiwan is easier to draw and may explain the proliferation of Mongolian barbecue restaurants in the Philippines.

The signature option with most Mongolian barbecue restaurants is the all-you-can-eat Mongolian rice bowl. The idea is attractive but unfortunately the execution at Mongolian Quick-Stop all too often isn't. Poorly supervised food out in the open and smooth bowls with no handle encouraging handlers to hold them by the rim, thereby bringing hands close to the food, rain on the parade of what should be a terrific value. Their non-eat-all-you-can rice bowls avoid those pitfalls and taste good on their own but they're a disappointing substitute for what one knows should be the main attraction.