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North Park is a restaurant serving Chinese food in the Philippines. North Park's Chinese food falls somewhere between authentic and North American Chinese fastfood. There are better places for dimsum and their noodle soups, congee, and main dishes are largely unremarkable, but they are good with most of their fried battered offerings with their salted garlic squid being a standout. Few local places seem to know how to cook squid but North Park is one that does. On the other hand they bread the beef in their beef with broccoli unnecessarily masking its flavor and freshness and their double pork rib dishes taste a little strange perhaps because of too much sugar in the coating. In previous years North Park was a great value but with their price increases I can no longer do so since even with their quick eatery vibe they are now priced in line with other fancier restaurants. If they are still less expensive in comparison it is because they do not have a mandatory service charge. Orders for delivery can be placed via their delivery hotline 73737 or their website from 10 a.m. to 12 midnight in select areas within Metro Manila. North Park's head office is located at the 2nd floor Erechim Building, Rufino corner Herrera Streets, Legaspi Village, Makati City. Their contact number is +63 (2) 892-8598.

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