Pancit Canton

Pancit Canton is a Filipino noodle dish. Going by the name (Canton, present day Guangzhou) it was probably derived from or inspired by Cantonese chow mein or lo mein, however, it is most likely sufficiently removed and indiginized to qualify as a separate dish. One major difference is the greater use of tossed stir-fried Fujian-style wheat noodles rather than deep-fried crispy Hong Kong-style egg noodles in creating the dish. A Filipino pancit canton is also far less likely to use char siu barbecued pork and more likely to use chorizo or ham and add cabbage and carrot. Calamansi is often provided on the side with pancit canton so that if the diner desires he or she can add some acidity to counter the oiliness. One issue that can arise with pancit canton is an off taste imparted by the noodles, so one may need to pay particular attention to its preparation to remove the off flavor, switch to a better brand of premade noodles, or make one's own.