Pancit Palabok

Pancit palabok is a popular noodle dish in the Philippines. Its orange-yellow sauce is very similar to that of pancit Malabon in its use of shrimp, pork, chicharon bits, chopped green onion, and annatto water; but it is simpler, generally without the addition of more seafood such as mussels, oysters, and smoked fish flakes, and the substitution of duck eggs for chicken eggs seen in pancit Malabon although precise details may vary from recipe to recipe. Pancit palabok also uses thinner bihon noodles than that used in pancit Malabon.

Pancit luglog, or pancit luglug, according to some authorities is an interchangeable term for pancit palabok although others say there is a difference because a proper pancit luglog uses thicker noodles. It is thought to have originated from Pampanga. The term niluluglog describes the up and down motion of submerging and taking out the noodles from boiling water used in its cooking.

Calamansi is often provided so that its juice can be squirted on by the diner if an added dash of acidity is desired. It's recommended that this only be done if one expects to finish eating the noodles in the same sitting since the added acidity breaks down proteins and accelerates the rate of spoilage. Even in the best of circumstances noodle dishes do not keep very well and should be consumed soon after being cooked.

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