Puchero (also pochero in the Philippines) is a Spanish influenced stew of meat and vegetables often with sausages and chickpeas (garbanzo beans) that is popular in many Hispanic countries. In Spanish, puchero can refer to a stewpot from whence the name of the dish is probably derived. Puchero is likely modelled after the Spanish cocido madrileƱo but has been adapted to the various places and regions in which it is served.


In the Philippines, puchero is usually made with beef, cabbages, and saba bananas and served with rice as a main course unlike in Spain where frequently the broth is drained and served as a soup as a first course, possibly with the addition of pasta, with the meat and vegetables to follow as a second course.


Simplified Filipino versions of puchero sometimes eschew the sausages and chickpeas altogether and can appear very similar to nilagang baka with the addition of sweeter ingredients like saba bananas or tomato sauce being the sole point of difference.