Sambo Kojin

Sambo Kojin is a Japanese-style buffet and yakiniku restaurant with some Korean offerings. Its name evokes the three-headed Japanese god of the kitchen. As a Japanese buffet, standards such as furai, tempura, sushi, and sashimi are offered as one would expect. There is also a nod to Korean cuisine in dishes like chapchae and bulgogi. For those inclined to take advantage of the smokeless grill installed at each table and cook for themselves, a variety of raw food and marinated meat items are presented for cooking. The restaurant is run by Firstfoods Food Services Inc. and is a sister restaurant of Dads, Kamayan, Saisaki, and Something Fishy and is thus associated with the Triple V group of Vicvic Villavicencio although the reins have largely been passed to his children who are now mostly in charge of the management.

Sambo Kojin Branches and Contact Numbers

Sambo Kojin's Japanese dishes are stronger than its Korean dishes. The tori kuwayaki, fish nagisa, fried tofu, and seafood in egg sauce were among those that found themselves selected once more on the second and later go-rounds at the buffet. Multiple visits showed that the Sambo Koijin menu lineup was the same on each occasion although during off-peak hour visits it seemed a couple of dishes were not available and replacement was noticeably slower. Some of the raw tender beef cuts for yakiniku cooking was also of a darker pallor than would be ideal. Nonetheless the quality and consistency of food and service overall was good. On the other hand the options for salad lovers here are pretty limited. Desserts are a little better with a couple of cakes, bitesize pastries, and ice cream on offer but none being particularly notable. The regular availability of watermelon slices was a clear plus though.

Sambo Kojin runs a promotion where frequent diners can avail of a free individual buffet. A card is provided which is stamped for each individual paid buffet. After ten stamps the card can be submitted on the next occasion to redeem a free individual buffet. Sambo Kojin has also offered a birthday promotion in which a birthday celebrant may avail of a free buffet within a certain number of days from his or her birthday. Certain conditions may apply.