Manuel Roxas

Manuel Roxas painting

Manuel Roxas y Acuña (January 1, 1892–April 15, 1948), Filipino politician, fifth president of the Philippines, third and last president of the Commonwealth, first president of the Third Republic.

Vice-President: Elpidio Quirino (May 28, 1946-April 17, 1948)
Political Parties: Liberal Party (1946-1948)
Partido Nacionalista-Liberal Wing (1946)
Partido Nacionalista (1937-1941; 1945-1946)
Nacionalista Coalition (Coalition Party) (1935-1937)
Partido Nacionalista (“Pro”) (1934)
Partido Nacionalista Consolidado (1923-33)
Partido Colectivista Liberal (1922)
Positions: President of the Philippines (May 28, 1946–April 15, 1948)
Senate President (July 9, 1945–May 25, 1946)
Senator (July 9, 1945–May 25, 1946)
Chairman, Bigasan ng Bayan (1943)
Brigadier General
Secretary to the President (1941-1942)
Secretary of Finance (1938-1941)
Chairman, National Economic Council (1938-1941)
Assemblyman representing the 1st District of Capiz, National Assembly (1935-1938)
Representative of the 1st District of Capiz (1922-1934), Speaker of the House of Representatives (1922-1933)
Governor of Capiz (1919–1921)
Other Positions: Member, Preparatory Commission on Philippine Independence (1943)
Delegate, 1935 Constitutional Convention
Municipal Councilor (1917-1919)
Secretary and law clerk to Chief Justice Cayetano Arellano